“Lily” (Part nine)



Beth turned her face towards Lily. “Did you want something?” she whispered. A bead of sweat rolled from Lily’s right armpit into her palm. “No, I was just thinking,” she whispered toBeth. “Me, too,” Beth said.

Lily looked back at the pastor as Beth twisted the many rings on her fingers.

“That is why,” the pastor said, “the elders and I wanted to use today as a moment to recognize one of our own.”

Lily refocused upon the pastor’s words. “We have an individual here at Beulah this morning that does not seek the spotlight. In fact, this person’s role is more about directing others in the ways God has for them,” the pastor continued.

Lily’s nerves in her hips twitched as Beth shifted her weight on the pew beside her.

Suddenly, Donald, the man who had first greeted Lily at the front door of the church, tapped Lily on the shoulder. “Lily, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I need to speak with Ms. Beth, please, in private.”

“Of course,” Lily said, and turned to let Beth out. Beth left off turning her rings and stood, smiling assuredly at Don. They walked to the back of the nave and disappeared around the corner. Towards the front, Lily wondered. What is going on?

 (To be continued)



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