Lily (Part fourteen)

Mr. McDavid blessed Lily when he spoke. Though she was unsure whether Mr. McDavid knew how deeply she needed such a voice, Lily’s scruples told her Mr. McDavid was of the same caliber as Mr. Fred Aims. The fact that Mr. McDavid sized up Beth as he did revealed to Lily Mr. McDavid’s discernment.

“Everybody, we’ll get started now,” Beth said. “First, I just want to say ‘thank you’ for your prayers, your phone calls, and your friendship. As you might imagine, these have been tough days on Mom, my sisters, and of course me. As an administrator and counselor at Covenant, I have large roles to play.”

Mr. McDavid sipped from his coffee cup and turned his head and winked at Lily. “Her grief is palpable, isn’t it?” he whispered.

Lily smiled at Mr. McDavid, acknowledging their mutual understanding.

“I’m sure,” Beth continued, “that you’re all wondering who will now lead Covenant. I know that Dad would want someone who has a commitment to directing students in the ways of the Lord. And I know that Dad would want someone with experience in advising, counseling, and administration.

“What’s more, we have such a talented pool of people to choose from at Covenant, it was with much prayer that the powers that be have chosen me to replace Dad.”

The only sound in the library was the clinking of Beth’s bracelets as they slid up and down her long arms like hideous cymbals.

Lily and Mr. McDavid both looked at one another. “Welcome to the new Covenant, Ms. Rood. We need to plan to get that coffee real soon.”

(To be continued)

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