SITREP is Army jargon for “situation report.” It is a snapshot of current events. For those interested, what follows is a SITREP of my status since injuring my shoulder in Iraq.


What: Multiple labrum tears, bicep tears, dislocation, edema, and arthritis in right shoulder.

Where: Iraq

When: 2 April 2019

Options A and B: Physical therapy (A) and surgery (B)


I injured my right shoulder in Iraq on 2 April 2019. I have been sent to Fort Benning, GA for medical treatment.


I met with the orthopedic surgeon this morning at Fort Benning. The bottom line is that surgery is one of two options. The other option is physical therapy to see if I can strengthen my shoulder enough that I can soldier through. Because I’m 49, he wanted me to be aware of the risks of the surgery, if and when I opt for that. (Insert old man jokes here.)


I chose to try to gut it out via physical therapy, at least for now. The doctor said that if he does not see improvement over the next six weeks, surgery is then the better option. 


In the meantime, I am having injections in my right shoulder aimed at reducing the pain, putting fluid in the damaged areas, reducing swelling, and working with the physical therapist to strengthen my damaged right shoulder.


My thanks to family, friends, church, peers, and fellow soldiers for prayers and encouragement.

2 thoughts on “SITREP

  1. Jon: The Roberts family has prayed for you so much during your deployment and since your soldier injury. We are still covering you with prayers. Love you bunches and all of your family.


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