Why a blog? 

To increase intelligent discussion of books and ideas that matter is my first reason to blog. Ideas have consequences, and I hope this blog may bear witness, not just to my personal interests, but to how our ideas conform to or pervert the truth. My particular theological/philosophical presuppositions will likely unfold as we interact.

Books, Genres, and Ideas of Particular Interest:

Philosophy/worldviews, theology, Christian apologetics, drama, novels, short stories, history, poetry, biography, non-fiction, and cultural studies.

My life:

I’m husband to CJ; father to Taylor and Jeremiah; a military chaplain; forgiven sinner and follower of Christ; fisherman; avid reader and writer of ideas that matter.


B.A. in English from Western Carolina University (1993); M.A. in English from Western Carolina University (2005); M.Div. from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (2012); current online student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Worldviews and Apologetics; military chaplain; literature and writing instructor at Belhaven University.

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