Among the Leaves

Today temperatures here were in the fifties. I spent pretty much all day outside with the dogs and in the woods. The pictures here are by no means refined. They are, like today was, natural, unrehearsed, and free for the taking.

Brewster knows when the deer are nearby. Look at his ears.

And Lady, the Cavalier King Charles, well, she just likes to play and to be made much of.
The little bucks come out early. The big ones wait till dark. (Something about age and wisdom.)
I completed a book, too. I could sit outside and read forever on days like this.

I piddled in the woods around the house. I raked leaves. I love to use my granddaddy’s old yard tools and remember him. I see his knotty hands with their bluish veins in my mind, clear as today’s sky.

I picked up limbs. I hiked with the dogs. We watched the birds enjoy the sunflower seeds I laid out.

We watched Jo-Jo, our cat, sun herself and stretch, and eye the birds. Her tail curled and uncurled like a hairy question mark.

And I’m a good tired now, having studied and prepared for tomorrow’s gathering of the saints, where we will assemble and study and sing and pray to, and because of, the Author of days like this.

2 thoughts on “Among the Leaves

  1. Brother Jon….Simple things are good. You and your “critters”, as you call them, have a simple, but deep, relationship. I bet Brewster loves to wonder the wood with his best friend.
    The forest, this time of year, is stunning with it’s color, the breeze rattling the leaves, God’s pleasing creatures searching…probably food, but who knows? All is so peaceful….simple , you might say.
    A saint once asked me….” Do you think the gospel of Jesus Christ is simple, or complicated? I’m still thinking about that one! What do you think?

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    • I’d ask him to explain what the gospel is, first. What exactly is the gospel? What is it not? See if he/she has a biblical paradigm. In my experience, it is crucial to define terms clearly. That way, people are less likely to be muddleheaded in their terminology. Sometimes we launch into conversations assuming we are all sharing definitions of terms. But with postmodernism and all the isms infecting the discussions, some folks (especially if they’re not rooted in Scripture) have inaccurate ideas about what the gospel of Jesus Christ is. So I’ve found we have to start with the basics–the defining of terms. And Scripture, not man’s opinion, is the standard. It sets the terms, not our traditions, likes, dislikes, etc.

      Yes, Brewster loves the woods as much as I, especially this time of year.


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