I have a friend who loves birds. He and other people in his circle photograph them. He knows their names and where they fall in their taxonomy. Below are two pictures from the bird world he sent me recently.

The blue one is an Indigo Bunting. I am learning about birds, thanks in part to my buddy’s inspiring photographs. I love the sounds they make. It’s music. If you attend, you can hear them call and answer. There are different calls–some of, “Come here, there’s food.” Others are calls of warning. Others are of a more amorous nature. But there’s also the color. How would a consistent atheist explain or even begin to come to grips with the beauty and complexity of an Indigo Bunting?

When I pulled into our neighborhood last weekend, the dogwoods were blooming. Dogwoods are among my favorite flowering trees. That their blooms coincide with fishing season does not hurt my feelings, either. The pinks and whites of the dogwoods burst everywhere in clusters of color where development has not destroyed these blessings. I have a deep abiding love of all things trees. Dogwoods, for me, hold a place in my heart that takes me back to my earliest memories of childhood and my fondest memories of small-town life where I could see them, plant them, tend them, see them bloom, and witness birds make homes in them.

When my wife was out with some of her friends, she snapped a photo of the Japanese maple below. The colors shout divinity like Whitefield from the Scriptures.
Chance? Random? Accidental? Totally unguided? Purposeless?

Only a fool would say those things. Psalm 14’s a good reminder.

The Cedar Waxwing above steals the breath. Look at those eyes, those black talons around the tree, the shades of spring color on the chest and tail feathers.

Random? Accidental? Hardly.

These things are spectacular and stunning. We cannot even create neon lights with this much nuance and beauty. And this beauty flies!

And because I’m such a softy for dogs, here’s one of our beloved Cavalier King Charles, Lady. We call her “Ladybug” usually. She has a tough life. She has to sleep, eat, go for walks, hang out with our German shepherd and our cat, Jo-Jo. That usually wears her out till it’s nap time again. Yep, if you have a chance, try to be Ladybug; she pretty much has it made.

What’s the takeaway? It’s showtime. Spring is here. The dogwoods are in bloom. The fish are jumping. The birds are displaying their sounds and colors for you in indigo and green and teal and red and cobalt. And the dogwoods burst upon your eyes in color. And the whitetail fawns will appear soon, wobbly-legged and close to Mom. Be on the lookout. It’s showtime, I say. And it is no accident. It’s as if there’s a good God who created, preserves, and governs it all. That’s quite a story, quite a reality. Awake yet?

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