Reminders of Good

Was able to celebrate the graduation of our oldest niece recently. She’s off to nursing school/university now. Such a smart young lady with a good mind and tender heart. Her parents have done a wonderful job. It was so encouraging to see her offer the closing prayer and benediction at her school’s ceremony. That is a testimony in and of itself.

En route to see her and some of the family, was also able to snap a few amateurish photos of turkeys, the lakes and rivers, etc. hither and yon.

And my friend Jim shared some of his beloved feathered friends.

When the world’s news seems gloomier by the minute and the forces of spiritual darkness seem to be relentless, it is good to be reminded that there’s still good about, that the simple joys are the best joys, and that daily faithfulness in the small things may end up not being so small after all. For me, just looking at the simple beauties around encourages me–whether those beauties are my kids, my nieces, the clouds over the river, the hills of TN, the birds of spring, or the undulating ways turkeys browse amidst May grass.

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