Atheists Praying? Huh?

Atheists ‘praying’? Yep. To whom? Confused yet? Exactly.

And in Texas, too.

The Age of Absurdity continues to unfold.

A self-negating proposition, praying to no one and nothing, this is the absurdity of the atheistic position. And yet, here they are, in all their contradiction and absurdity.

I can’t make this stuff up. Man’s folly knows no limit, it seems.

Here’s the article:

I don’t know if it will persuade any atheists out there, but there is another way.

In fact, it involves prayer, too. But it’s not prayer to no one and/or nothing. Rather, it is prayer to the one true and living God, maker of heaven and earth.

To quote from one of church history’s greatest confessions:

Question: What are the requisites of that prayer which is acceptable to God and which He will hear?

Answer: First, that we from the heart pray to the one true God only, who hath manifested Himself in His Word, for all things He hath commanded us to ask of Him; secondly, that we rightly and thoroughly know our need and misery, that so we may deeply humble ourselves in the presence of His divine majesty; thirdly, that we be fully persuaded that He, notwithstanding that we are unworthy of it, will, for the sake of Christ our Lord, certainly hear our prayer, as He has promised us in His Word.

2 thoughts on “Atheists Praying? Huh?

  1. I just published a review of a new book about biblical prayer on my blog. It was written by a professor of Biblical Studies at a Christian college in Florida. I think that you would appreciate the book.


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