Satan Smiles

Come Get Your Satan Wear: Just in time for spring and summer wear, Target and other retailers have partnered to sell pronoun-peddling t-shirts with images of Satan/Baphomet.

Satan is smiling.

If you doubt it, below are linked a couple of articles about it:

Whew! Glad we have those now. I’m sure Target will also be partnering with evangelical Christian comapanies to sell t-shirts with the gospel of Jesus Christ on them later this week. Just wait.

There will surely be swimwear with images of a dad, a mom, and children, and a Bible, or of a traditional biblical family entering the doors of a church with a white steeple on a sunny Sunday morning.

Because there’s no agenda being put forth to all the moms who shop at Target each week. No message at all. Purely neutral.

Nothing to see here, folks. It’s all a perfectly level playing field. No theological worldview message being put in your minds and on your bodies via t-shirts and fashion. No message whatsoever.

But At Least We Still Have Baseball, Right?

After you get your Satan wear at Target, you can take your family to a Dodgers game and enjoy the celebrations, Yay! American as apple pie. A baseball game.

There’ll surely be no theological/worldview message promulgated there. It’ll be neutral, too, like Target:

Here are a couple of links before you load the kiddos into the minivan:,the%20team’s%20annual%20Pride%20Night.

No message whatsoever here. Men are supposed to dress as women and praise Satan during Pride Night at the baseball park, don’t you know?

Perfectly neutral. No religious message whatsoever. At least the good’ole American pastime of baseball remains wholeshome.

Satan is smiling.

But at least there’s no theological warfare occurring. It’s all neutral, don’t you know? Nothing to worry about. Just enjoy your pronouns and go to the baseball park and don your t-shirts, and tell yourself: “It won’t affect me and my family.”

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