We All Lose Now

A land of boors. Some words sound like their meaning. Boorish means rude or coarse. A boor is an uncouth, unmannered person, one characterized by rudeness. If the current nominees for presimgresident of the U.S. teach us anything, it is that we’ve become a land of boors. The nation has nominated boors. Why? Because they’re like the electorate–rude, coarse, expert at trying to excuse their sinful nature.

I remember hearing a lecture by Ravi Zacharias wherein he taught on man’s incorrigible attempts to rationalize his sin. Ravi gave this example of man’s fallen nature: after Bill Clinton repeatedly denied having “sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky, the world took notice. Media ratings soared. But when the semen-stained garment was produced, and Clinton was caught lying again, his popularity rose. Let that sink in. He became more popular. A land of boors lauded a liar, an adulterer, a man debauched.

The nation lauded a president of the U.S. for betrayal. He had betrayed his marriage vows, betrayed truth, and betrayed every semblance of honor. The White House became little different than Animal House.

Now the blood in Benghazi cries out from the ground. The blood of 60,000,000 aborted fetuses makes Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s bloodstained hands seem white in comparison, and yet Hillary cheers for unrestricted access to murder children in the womb. Thousands upon thousands of emails are hidden and destroyed. Yet the Left’s nominee drones platitudes about “togetherness,” while in the next breath she pits people into groups of “deplorables,” of rich vs. poor, of straight vs. gay, of black vs. white, etc. A land of boors where crassness is king.

And surely Donald’s slated to become the emoji of the boor. Philandering, a filthy mouth, and lack of repentance. When you see a man seemingly incapable of repenting, you know that moral character has been abdicated and imperious boorishness has been crowned king in its place.

Welcome to 2016 America, where crass is king, the boorish win, and we all lose now.


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