Fear as the ‘New Normal’?

Remember these? I am old enough to have lived through some events whose meaning altered the ways in which modern man lives. These may have changed what many now view as normative. Are there not lessons here about the temptation of giving in to fear?

Reflect upon these:

  • the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl in the USSR spreads radiation over Russia and Europe (1986)
  • a terrorist bomb destroys a Pan-Am 747 over Lockerbie, Scotland (1988)
  • in China more than a million demonstrate in Tiananmen Square for more democracy (1989)
  • Iraq invades Kuwait and seizes oil assets, igniting the Persian Gulf War (1990)
  • Timothy McVeigh bombs the Oklahoma City federal building in retaliation for the Branch Davidian standoff in 1993. He’s caught and put on trial for murder (1995)
  • The House impeaches Clinton for lying and obstructing justice (1998)
  • On September 11, terrorists attack the World Trade Center in New York. The twin towers are hit by two jet airliners and collapse. Over 3,000 are killed. Another plane hits the Pentagon, and a fourth crashes in Pennsylvania (2001)
  • “15 days to flatten the curve” after viruses from Wuhan, China are spread (March 2020)

Lessons from history? I could continue, of course, with more events. But most would agree that these events changed things. Things that were normative in our lives were jarred. They were shaken. They were upset.

I remember being scared after Chernobyl videos because media made it seem the sky was falling and we would all die of radiation soon. After the Pan-Am terrorist attack, I remember how media whipped us into a frenzy about Islamic terrorism. I remember the incessant videos of Tiananmen Square and of how one man’s courage demonstrated to the world the evils of communism and its hatred of the individual. I remember Clinton lying over and over to the world and of how truth died daily with each replaying of his lies. I remember being just off post near Ft. Stewart when Islamic terrorists flew planes into the WTC in NY, the Pentagon, and aimed others at the White House, but how one brave soul shouting, “Let’s Roll!” saved others’ lives.

And we all are still living with masks, potential jabs, “social distancing,” “the new normal,” the end of dining out in actual restaurants but having to use their drive-thrus, etc. due to “guidance” from government employees. Coronavirus has a 99.9% survivability rate, but it is being used to change the way the world lives—well, some of the world. The rules don’t apply to everyone, just to the little people.

The default position for some people is easily summed up: fear. It is sad to see. It paralyzes them. Many families are divided from loved ones over their views on taking the jab, on masks, on shaking hands, on “social distancing.” Many people have let themselves become homebound out of fear. Many students live through their computers via “online learning.” Some so-called churches still don’t assemble. Our church does assemble, and we are packed. So, take courage; there are churches about who do still gather, who do still fellowship, who do still worship, and do still gladly sit under the preaching of the Scriptures.

Encouragement: I do not wish to lose relationships over my views of the coronavirus/flu, or whether or not you believe Tony Fauci is an honest man who is actually concerned about your health, or whether you agree with me that Critical Race Theory and being ‘woke’ and all things politically correct are destroying the remaining vestiges of heretofore common sense and honesty. But I do wish to encourage you to begin where you are. Reach those in your circle. Demonstrate compassion to those the Lord brings to you. Speak truth lovingly but courageously and clearly. We are all surely sick to death of political schmoozing and posturing and condescension. To live in fear is to forfeit hope. Trust the Lord, not the media. The media make money by keeping you in a panic. They keep you tuned in and on edge for the next catastrophe. That’s not living, folks. That’s being pimped by emotional bullies. Step back, recalibrate, and recognize that you do not have to be a victim.

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