In the Woods (1 Jan 2022)

I was walking in and alongside the creek. Shadows circled overhead. I looked up and saw the vultures. I knew there had to be carrion nearby. I kept walking and looking. Suddenly white caught my eye and there she lay: a young doe, inches from the creek. Not sure what the backstory is or why her days ended in this manner.

I kept hiking the creek. Crossed several times and sat down occasionally upon the rocks and felt the cool from the water. Saw game trails and scat from deer.

Climbed upon more rocks and spooked some whitetails that were bed down. An 8-point ran behind a doe and up the ridge across from me. I tried to video them but they were too fast for me and unwilling to be filmed today. Next time, perhaps. It’s hard to beat the trails and the scenes they display with the seasons. Here’s to more time in the woods in 2022.

When I returned to the house several miles later, Lady was waiting. Faithful girl:-)

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