5 Images & a Question

Over recent days the displays of power, color, cold, sunrise, sunset, clouds, water, snow, and more gave rise to a simple question: What makes more sense, that God is the supreme, sovereign Artist or that all of these are ‘accidents’ of blind material chance that cannot account for their origins, nor I mine?

Pictured above is our backyard 26 hours ago.

Below is from today when I was getting a walk in along the golf course.

Below is from the bridge overlooking the river.

Below is a picture from our hotel balcony in FL.

This last one is from a ridgeline I often hike near our home.

Boy, the secularists sure do have to ascribe a lot of power, imagination, artistry, design, nuance, irreducible complexity, and much, much more to . . . nothing. Seems suppression of evidence is their default position.

Seems to me creation bears witness to intelligence. Supreme and perfect intelligence. And beauty. It’s as if God has revealed Himself so much that we are without excuse by denying creation and its Author’s sovereignty.

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