Came Home Today

Was able to come home today. Met the family at one of our favorite Italian places for lunch. Enjoyed an assortment of ziti, wraps, and even a burger (good burgers at an Italian place, yes). And like the rest of their items, it was tasty.

Arrived at the homeplace afterwards. Played with the dogs. (You can see my old faithful buddy, Brewster, keeping watch. He’s an old man now, and gray, too, but he’s been a trooper and I already feel the nascent sadness of when I’ll have to say goodbye to him.)

I piddled outside in the yard. Picked up some limbs and pine cones that had fallen due to the winds.

The wifey washed off a couple of the kayaks where pollen had coated them yellow and green. Now they are ready for some time in the water tomorrow after Sunday school and worship.

We sat out back in a couple of beach chairs and listened to the winds blow through the trees.

We went down to the water to catch the gloaming. Swallows shot hither and yon. Canadian geese soared inches above the water, gliding with the wind, honking. The sounds carried on the winds. A solo mallard paddled near the marina.

It’s good to be home.

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