Every Picture Tells a Story

Though my passion is words, though I love few things as much as a scintillating short story or a novel that makes me lose track of time, or a play that takes me to Elsinore or Thebes, it is hard to argue with the power of pictures.

Pictures can nearly bypass thought. They tend to go straight for the gut. Little to no effort is required to be entertained by colors, shapes, and immediacy. Books require time and sustained concentration.

Thanks to friends from Sunday school and elsewhere, below are stories in pictures that creation tells.

The bird pictures from Jim are amazing. Some others are simple road scenes from my many hours traveling back and forth. I think I like them because of the metaphor involved–the idea of a journey or pilgrimage. I was going somewhere. There was a point to it all, in other words. The road as metaphor will never pass away, I’d wager.

Another is of a pond nearby where I am throughout the week. I am a softie for water scenes–be they creeks, ponds, seas, rivers, etc.

To our group at church, I just want to say how much I appreciate you, the opportunity to be with you, learn with you, worship with you, walk with you, and grow. Faithfulness is all. Press on.

2 thoughts on “Every Picture Tells a Story

  1. I would like to express just how much my wife and I appreciate you Jon. Your guidance through the scriptures brings them to life in a new, for us, way. We feel like we have already been to church when we leave the classroom. What a blessing you must be to the men who get to be with you through the week. I will be praying for Derrick and ask God to give you the words needed in your conversations with the young man. I ask your prayers as we journey to Statesboro this Wednesday, The Sons of Jubal will be in concert Thursday night at Statesboro first church. Our concerts are normally streamed and if I get the link in time I’ll forward it to you. Know that we love you and appreciate your teaching.

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    • Thank you, Mr. Henry. I appreciate you guys, too, very much. We grow together from the Scriptures. The men I’m with 90% of the time have no knowledge of Scripture, so I have to alter the vocabulary. I tend to point to the outcomes of secularism and ask, “See how this worldview turns out?” and then let them connect the dots. They, with few exceptions, have had no courses in logic or critical thinking. And so they are easy targets for marketing slogans and platitudes from the secularists. But they see the landfill that is contemporary secularism/naturalism/atheism, etc. and, thus, there is hope that God will remove the scales from their eyes. I hope you guys have a refreshing trip to Statesboro. Nothing replenishes in the same way as music. Looking forward to our next time together, brother. Love you guys.


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