A Picture, a Prayer, & a Prediction

A picture: This is from this evening where I was walking at dusk. The sun set over the oaks I love and I hope it never rises again in a land where Roe ever reappears, except in its bloody shame. The blood of 65,000,000 murdered babies cries from the ground.

A prayer: Lord, have mercy upon us, a nation that spits in the face of the Holy One and mocks holiness. Thank you for your mercy upon this land under divine judgment in the overturning of Roe. You are merciful, even to the wicked when we repent and return. May you grant sufficient grace whereby we learn from judgment, repent of our national and individual sin, and be granted the ability to flee to Christ who came for broken and contrite sinners, and thereby receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

A prediction: Those who hate the truth that all boys and girls are created in the image of God (imago Dei), and the biblical worldview which sets forth this truth, will steal, profane, desecrate, and destroy property in the coming days; they will murder, just like their father, the devil (John 8:44). And they will call it ‘justifiable’ and ‘good’ and ‘right’. Meanwhile, they will be denying the very theology and coherent framework that birthed the very concepts of justice, good, and right. This is what it looks like when fools profess themsevles to be wise.

One thought on “A Picture, a Prayer, & a Prediction

  1. God’s mercy is astounding, in the face to fallen man’s evilness. His long-suffering is once again displayed, as He yearns for those he has called to come to faith in Christ….His will be done!

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