Critters & Creeks

I went for a walk/jog this evening just before the showers popped up. A couple of pretty girls were out munching grasses near the trail, too. A few paces further, I was looking down at the creek. The smell of rain was in the air, the skies heavy and ominous.

3 thoughts on “Critters & Creeks

  1. Pastor….I never get tired of viewing the majestic stance of deers, as they sense our presence.
    Christine & I already have a deer family sharing our new domain at Lake Arrowhead…..a buck, two fawns, and an injured momma doe. Her right front leg is broken, or dislocated. Got any thoughts on how we can get her injury repaired???

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    • Not sure of what’s the best course of action for the injured deer. I’ve seen injured ones, too. I wish it were harvesting time, and then they could perhaps be harvested and used and not have to suffer.


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