Reminded …

Today I had one of my life’s greatest joys. Here’s the shortened version of the story.

He was a former student where I taught English. He was always intellectually curious and zealous. He asked the hard questions. He was Socrates-like, unafraid to ask the difficult questions, to press the issues for the truth.

He has since grown up, married, become a husband to his wonderful wife, a father of sons, provider, Christian, and budding theologian.

He reads voraciously and deeply. Not the trendy stuff of most of today’s TGC/wokester speaking circuit glory boys, but the truth-tellers of old who have endured: Athanasius, Calvin, Lloyd-Jones, Jonathan Edwards, John Owen, Luther, Spurgeon, etc.

We talked again today. I was reminded of how and why I love him, of how Paul loved Timothy.

Ruth clung to Naomi during the dark times of literal famine and widowhood. And I learned–once again–from a young man I see working out his salvation in fear and trembling, that God is faithful.

He reminded me of my young friend, fighting the good fight of the faith, of the deposit entrusted to him, the truth delivered, once for all, unto the saints.

Press on, dear brother. God has you. And there is no more thrilling, worthwhile, and truthful place to be than in the will of the One who upholds all things.

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