True North & God’s Plumb Line

Today I have another prayer breakfast scheduled for my fellow soldiers and families in our unit. We will begin at 0900. It is a simple undertaking in one sense. That is, it involves prayers, breakfast, fellowship, a speaker, music, singers, a pianist, and soldiers. But ultimately, any success hinges upon God.

It is a window of opportunity for us to recalibrate, to reckon with why we are here and do what we do, and how we ought to navigate our lives.

Who sets the standards for our moral lives? If those standards are built upon anything other than the objective revelation of God in Scripture, they are–by definition–subjectively derived.

In just a few hours, my assistant and I have arranged to have the unit fed Chick-fil-A for breakfast, and we have a musician coming who will lead us in singing our national anthem and in a worship song. And I have asked some Christians in my unit to pray with me for our unit, for our leadership, for our nation, but most of all, for Christian faithfulness in a world that desperately needs the truth and needs to see it lived out.

Why? Because moral true north is essential. We must have it if we are to know how to navigate accurately. If we would be wise, we must know our place and how and why we are where we are.

And if we would know how to navigate, we need to have an accurate reading of the way things actually are. We need, as Amos learned and wrote about, God’s plumb line (Amos 7:7-15).

I am grateful to have opportunities like today to try and minister the Word to my fellow soldiers and their families. I am grateful to be able to pray with and for my fellow soldiers and their families. I am grateful that God continually raises up men and women of Christian courage and conviction who have counted the sundry costs of being a disciple. Come what will, it is way past time to be faithful.

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