Two Blessings of Insomnia

Books. Specifically, true ones. Books that herald truth. Books that expose false worldviews. Books that demonstrate veracity via evidence.

When sleep will not come, bibliophiles do what we do: we turn the leaves of another volume.

Over the last 36 hours, I read–once again–one of my enduring favorite theologians/pastors/writers.

I cannot say that he’ll ever surpass Jonathan Edwards for me, but he and Machen and Sproul are treasures nonetheless.

His name, of course, is D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. And the two volumes I read again were Authority and Truth Unchanged, Unchanging.

Both pieces were penned and taught/preached in the 1950s.

That amazes me in one formidable sense. The same ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal’ and ‘scientific’ propaganda was being peddled then, and the gospel shattered it and outlived it, just as promised.

The good doctor of the soul wrote where all might take up and read, see and understand, and come to our senses.

Blessed be the faithful Lloyd-Jones and the glorious truths he faithfully expounded in words and in deeds.

2 thoughts on “Two Blessings of Insomnia

  1. Thanks Rabboni…. I’ve read lots of Sproul’s works, primarily on Christian doctrine. I want to read a Martyn Lloyd- Jones book. Do you have a favorite volume??

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