Still More Evidence

From my Barnabas, my friend Jim, behold still more evidence of God’s creativity:

Cooper’s Hawk …

And sundry others (all by unguided material forces, say the atheists!).

2 thoughts on “Still More Evidence

  1. If Jon has other duties that pull him away from us, Rob is a good substitute. His leadings as we delve into the word of our Master bear or bare, whichever is correct, listening to and following along. Anyway, who is this Cooper fellow and why does he have a hawk and why can’t Henry have one? You were missed Jon, we look forward to seeing you next Sunday.

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  2. Agreed. Missed you, too, Mr. Henry. Had to lead another conference for some of our guys and always hate missing class, but we are back now, and I will be there Sunday. Hope you have a good week and I’ll see you in a few days.


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