Some Scenes from this Week’s Ministry Out West

Spent a great few days in Idaho ministering to fellow soldiers. Salute to Idahoans for their hospitality. And kudos to Jack Simplot for J.U.M.P. (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place) in Boise. What a wonderful facility and gift to Boise and beyond.

During breaks between teaching, and as the snow fell, I walked to the windows and watched kids construct snowmen and climb the pyramid.

Below are some scenes I snapped from my flights from Idaho and Utah respectively.

Watching the sun rise over the Rockies is enough, I should think, to make even the hardest of souls pay attention.

And as we flew east over the Great Plains, the fields seemed to stretch on endlessly.

The picture above is of a range east of Salt Lake in Utah. It was spectacular viewing this morning from 30, 000 feet.

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