Does Amidst December Leaves

Under the day’s leaden sky I watched several does poke their noses into the damp leaves. The does’ hooves pawed the ground and their eyes and ears, attuned to my perch, lifted occasionally towards me, while the youngest one lay among the leaves.

2 thoughts on “Does Amidst December Leaves

  1. At peace with the world and their harmless friend on the upper deck. It is so early to love them and be loved by them as they relate to us in the only way they know how. That being that they demonstrate to the one on the upper deck that they present themselves to you and your camera. Love you brother, looking forward to seeing and hearing you this morning as you expound on God’s word.

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    • Thank you, dear one. It was so good seeing you and your beloved today. You’re precious saints and bless us all by being part of the body.

      I’m in TX tonight, waiting on a flight to KS. ‘Twas delayed. And I may miss my rental car. But this is the way it goes at times in this world.

      Nonetheless the sparrows are fed and we press on.

      Love you, brother. You’re special to me.


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