Ministry Among the Stomping Grounds of Buffalo Soldiers

Nothing like being in a crucible of military history and walking among statues and cemeteries and chapels and hills and along the Missouri River of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

When a much younger man I was infatuated with all things cavalry-related and the life of cav scouts. Loved seeing the crossed sabers and mounts at Leavenworth.

The horses and stables and riding trails; the Missouri River; the hardwood trees strong amidst the harsh winds; the memorials to Buffalo Soldiers and soldiers of cavalry life; Memorial Chapel from 1878, still home to heralding the good news; and most of all the soldiers past, present, and future.

My thanks to the commander for the unit coin and golf ball today. Looking forward to ministering to the soldiers, civilians, and families of MTC-LVN.

Below are some scenes:

One thought on “Ministry Among the Stomping Grounds of Buffalo Soldiers

  1. Howdy Rabboni……Yup! Kansas is flat, as I remembered it. No offense, but Georgia is “on MY mind”. Where does the term BUFFALO SOLDIER originate? The only reference that I have to that term is Bob Marley’s winsome tune by the same name. Press On! BB


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