4 thoughts on “Buck in the Cold

    • I am home, brother. So cold out but we’re all warm and doing well. CJ just baked blueberry muffins and we are snuggled up in the living room having coffee and eating muffins, and we’ll be at church today and tomorrow for services. Hope to see y’all then.


      • Both of us have been sick, bordering on the flu, so we aren’t going to get out today or tomorrow. Our daughter upstairs reported this morning that their heat was out. They needed to empty their condensation pump water container as the line outside had frozen. Their heat returned when they were able to get some heat to the outside line and empty the little container. You’re right, it is so cold out. We are trying to decide if Cornelia needs to go back to urgent care this morning. The muffins sound good, we are having sausage biscuits this morning. The kids upstairs are taking their little ones out for breakfast while the heat warms their area back to a habitable state.

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