Walking in Woods, Reflecting upon the Psalter

Opening: Late March and early April in the remaining woods beckon those with souls who appreciate God’s bounty in nature.

Recently I had a few minutes to hike the hills and creeks in search of shed buck antlers. I did not discover any, but that gives me more reason to go back out.

I did, however, hear lots of turkeys and almost step upon a bleached skull and cross moss-covered rocks in the creeks where the sun threw slants of light upon the moving waters. And I scared a herd of deer from their beds in a thicket by the creek.

When you reflect on words from the Psalter like you find in the opening salvo of Psalm 14, it does make you realize the efforts one has to go to in order to deny the craftsmanship of the very creation upon which we tread and about which we speculate.

Scripture’s attestation of those hostile to truth: Psalm 14 opens with this:

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” (Psalm 14:1a, ESV)

Reflection: When I listened to the turkeys, and I studied the bleached skull of the animal, and I jumped the herd of whitetails from their beds in the creek’s thickets, and their white flags swayed back and forth in perfect pattern like a visual metronome (left, right, one, two, left, right, one, two . . . ) it would have taken a lot of suppression intellectually to try and convince myself, “Just accidental. Randomness. Just matter in motion. No design. No designer.”

The whole of creation trumpets its Creator. One need only have eyes to see and ears to hear.

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