Idaho Images & Tales (Some Interesting Stories Coming Shortly)

I relish the flight path from Atlanta to Boise and back. On clear days, even from 36,000 feet, you can imbibe the beauty of our nation.

Yes, Toto, that is Kansas down there.

I would never sing out loud on a plane or much of anywhere else, but when the Rockies come into view each time, my inner John Denver voice starts warming up.

Flying near the Rockies in spring.

Colorado Rockies and into Idaho.

On the descent into Boise, you see remnants of snow (in the spring) and the ridges, spurs, and saddles.

Once you land in Boise, this is the first ridge I always see and thereby get my bearings.

I am blessed to be able to teach some of my fellow soldiers this week in their lovely state.

Thankful for this opportunity and all the others that I get to minister to America’s patriots.

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