Motorcycling with the Bride

I got home today and the sun popped out from behind the clouds. The dogs and I played for a bit. And the deer came up to feed on the spring growth.

I cranked up the motorcycle and the wifey came downstairs and wanted to join me for a few hours in the hills on the bike. And so we made it happen.

Twas a beautiful afternoon in our neck of the woods. Lots of tourists were out enjoying the area (I invariably notice license plates to see where folks’ vehicles are registered). Saw fellow riders, too.

Come to find out, the woman sitting behind me was videoing part of the trip.

One thought on “Motorcycling with the Bride

  1. Brother Jon…..You guys are “too much”, toolin’ along on your “beast” up Rt. 575/515. Takes me back to college days….my buddy had a big BSA that would fly. Scared me to death to think about now! Nuff said…..
    Our “flip-top” Volvo is about as risky a ride I can take these days.

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