I learn best by asking questions. Following are ten questions I am trying to think through:

  1. Are we in the West in a state of moral decline?
  2. If so, to what do we attribute the moral decline (destruction of nuclear family; jettisoning of God; historical revisionism and/or ignorance, etc.)?
  3. Are we diminished in our abilities to think critically? If so, why?
  4. Does government schooling have any relation to our level of discourse and/or the (in)ability of many people to think critically?
  5. If walls and guns for citizens are bad, why is D.C. pervaded by walls and guns?
  6. Francis Schaeffer wrote a lot in the 20th century about two of our idols: personal peace and affluence. He meant by these terms radical individualism and unending consumerism. Have those idols remained the main ones in today’s culture?
  7. I hear a lot about “spirituality” vs. biblical Christianity. Why do you think so many identify as “spiritual but not religious”? What do to the terms actually mean? To whom is one accountable in spirituality?
  8. Since America’s courts have legislated that marriage can be between two women, or two men, (and no longer just between one man and one woman), what exactly is prohibiting marriage between people and animals or between adults and children, or polyamory?
  9. Why do you think we are told that masks save lives and we ought to, therefore, wear them in order to save lives? And yet abortion mills run day in and day out and we’re told those are due to “choice”? Does the logic not cut both ways? Why should we supposedly try to protect some lives but simultaneously snuff out children’s lives?
  10. What are the roots of our diminishment/reduction/decline?

Just thinking.

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